“What’s The Big Deal About Concealed Carry?”

What’s The Big Deal About Concealed Carry?”
By Trey Miller

If you are like me, you have taken the responsibility of carrying every day and have made it a part of your life.  If you are like me, you also get asked a similar question of,

“Why do you carry a gun?  We live in a safe area.”

Making the decision of being an everyday warrior in society isn’t just about living in a dangerous city or town.  It doesn’t even have to be about self-protection.  There are many reasons why we each decide to carry. 

The main reason why most decide to carry is, undoubtedly, to be able to protect ourselves and our families if evil decides to show its ugly face that day.  Obviously, the idea of not being prepared or able to defend our own lives in that critical time is enough for anyone to think about carrying, but is that the only reason?

Another reason that many of us decide to carry is to, not only protect ourselves and families but to also be able to protect anyone who is attacked or put in a position of inevitable harm.  Being a good Samaritan is one thing, but to take the responsibility of trying to defend others when help is not available is quite a different story.   No one knows when evil will strike next.  I have good friends that live in Parkland, FL, and they said: “I never thought this could happen here.”  There are many cities and towns across this great country that will never be touched by evil, but I think we have all learned that hate resides everywhere.  The wrath of destruction to a community can happen anywhere at any time. 

I am not suggesting that everyone needs to live in fear and never leave the house because there might be evil lurking.  Quite the contrary.  This is as good of a reason to take on the responsibility of carrying every day and to get training.  By arming yourself with the tools to survive, both mentally and physically, you stand a better chance of surviving a malicious attack in public.  You, also, have a better chance of saving someone else’s life and, possibly, ending the threat yourself.

Not everyone is capable of making that decision, and I am in no way saying that everyone should carry.  In fact, there are many people I know, who are gun people, that I would not want to carry every day.  The reason why is that some people aren’t able to mentally handle the pressure and may become a detriment in these situations instead of helping.  That does not mean that they shouldn’t get other types of training.  If you are not able or willing to carry, then may I suggest you take a first-aid class, a “Stop The Bleeding” class, or trauma training.  Any and all of these are just as important.  If you can’t carry a gun, maybe carry a tourniquet.  Arming ourselves to protect our community isn’t just about “the gun.”

The last point that I want to bring up about concealed carry and why it is important is that carrying every day in a safe and responsible manner will help break down the barriers of what non-gun people think of us.  Most of my friends, for years, never knew that I carried every day.  It wasn’t something that I went around talking about.  Sure, when people found out there were some that looked at me differently and others that didn’t care.  Some even said, “Hey, I carry too!”  The ones that looked at me differently now understand why. It’s not all about protection.  Sometimes, it’s about the conversation.  The idea that people carry a gun every day, to some, is foreign.  They just don’t get it, and what people don’t understand, sometimes scares them.  That being said, it is our responsibility to make them understand that we are normal, every day, law-abiding citizens that just happen to take this part of our life very seriously. 

We are the same people that they go to church with, go to ball games with, and we are the same people who BBQ with them on holidays.  If they liked you before, maybe we can make them change their minds about who gun people are.  This is, possibly, the biggest reason to carry.  Exercising our right, to protect our loved ones when help is not available, and to tear down the misconceptions of who we are are all great reasons to carry.  With that being said, you have to figure out your own set of reasons.  If you have not decided to carry, ask yourself why.